2003 – Miss Anna CHAN

My name is Anna, the recipient of the scholarship from Hong Kong Branch of Convocation during 2003-04. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the donors of the scholarship and all the hard work contributed by the committee of Hong Kong Branch of Convocation.

This scholarship enabled me to pursue my dream of studying for a masters degree overseas. I successfully completed my masters degree in Economics, Finance and Management with a commendation grade, and I am currently working as a research executive at the Social Sciences Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong.

The time I spent in Bristol was a fruitful year. The quality of education at the University of Bristol, British culture and the people I met really impressed me. It was very challenging and beneficial to study with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The interaction did much to help me form new ideas and to enhance my communication skills. I also acquired greater understanding of their traditions and the economic situation in their home countries. Being an international student, I never felt lonely as I had made a lot of friends from different countries and this was not only exciting on a social level, but could also lead to important overseas contacts in later professional life, as we still keep in touch with each other.

Apart from study, there were also exciting opportunities for international students. The host family link provides an invaluable opportunity for international students to spend their holidays in local families’ homes. At Christmas 2003, I spent a few days living with a British family in Burton. This visit allowed me to experience a traditional British Christmas and understand more about British lifestyle and cuisine, etc. I was able to discuss some current issues with my host family and gain appreciation of their attitudes and opinions. I could also share my own customs and opinions with them, and answer some of their questions about Asian countries.

In today’s climate of economic globalization, I believe, this international exposure and the knowledge I gained will enhance my personal development, benefit my career and hence, allow me to contribute to Hong Kong.