2007 – Raymond Hau-yin YUEN

I had a very good learning experience at Bristol University. A systematic, task-based training from the School of Public Policy not only enriched my knowledge of the subject but also equipped me with a problem-solving perspective; it has enabled me to think about social problems from various standpoints. The programme is outstanding with a well-organized curriculum and a group of renowned scholars in the field. My classmates were brilliant, some of them senior officers of the national governments of their own countries.

Life beyond study at Bristol is fascinating. It is a lovely city with a peaceful environment and friendly people. There is a harmony between urban development and the natural landscape and cultural diversity beneath the metropolitan dynamics; it is an ideal place for a student to concentrate on study while simultaneously enjoying a relaxing life. I was staying in accommodation run by the Methodist church on a non-profit basis. The residents there were postgraduate students who came from all over the world; this was a community of love and friendship; we were close to each other and there was a warm atmosphere of mutual understanding and support. I will never forget the time we shared and enjoyed in the little white house. The Bristol experience has not only broadened my horizon but also nourished my mind with genuine friendships from various parts of the planet.

Studying at Bristol opened a window for me to pursue advanced studies and I am now working on my PhD at the Department of Government and Public Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am sure that I made a correct decision and I am thankful for all the joy and happiness around me during one of the most wonderful years of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude once again to the Bristol University Convocation (Hong Kong Branch) for their sponsorship and encouragement.