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EdD Students Research Seminar in Hong Kong April 2011

Doctoral Student Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for Doctoral Research in Hong Kong

In April 2011 a Doctoral Student Seminar, jointly organized by the University of Bristol and City University of Hong Kong, was held for the EdD students at CityU, attracting 48 participants. The guest speakers were Prof. Mark Bray (Comparative Education Centre, CERD, the University of Hong Kong) and Dr. Dora Ho (Hong Kong Institute of Education and a graduate in 2006 of the EdD programme). Poster presentation awards went to Mr. Ted POON Tat Hong (first prize) and Ms. Iris WU Lai Ying (runner up).

The following paragraph is from Iris Wu:

“The Hong Kong Doctoral Student Seminar held at the City University of Hong Kong is very productive for us EdD students. The sharing made by graduates, professors and even EdD students provides a valuable learning opportunity and journey to most attendees. We all feel it valuable to enjoy the moment with EdD classmates, graduates and professors on learning and sharing the valuable experience with each other. And we wish there would be more workshops and seminars organized by University of Bristol and City University of Hong Kong in the future. I am extremely honoured to have my poster presentation recognized in this way. I really never thought that my work would appeal to the judges and was bowled over that it merited such praise. Winning this award was so encouraging in my EdD study and I am truly delighted.” — Ms. WU Lai Ying, Iris