1999 – Mr Yik-man Andrew Marcus CHAN


In 1999, I was granted the University of Bristol Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship. Thanks to help from the Hong Kong Convocation, I was able to spend a year in the University of Bristol pursuing my master’s level course in Computer Science.

I am working now as a system analyst in a US software development company based in Hong Kong. A year in Bristol not only upgraded and prepared my knowledge for my present job, I could also meet many good friends from Holland, Germany, France, Greece, Sri Lanka, India, Japan and of course the UK, developing a lifelong friendship with them. In addition, I volunteered in community services provided by a local church when I was free. That experience was invaluable to me in understanding and appreciating western culture and living.

Hong Kong is an international city and China is now a member of the WTO. The contribution of people with good knowledge of different cultures will become more and more important. I am, therefore, confident that I am well prepared for future challenges in Hong Kong thanks to my experiences in Bristol.

I am so thankful for the support from the Hong Kong Convocation!