2000 – Miss Veronica TONG Chi-fun

The idea of one day becoming an educational psychologist seemed like a very exotic and fanciful dream.  Now I have received my initial training as an educational psychologist, by studying for an MEd in Psychology at Bristol University. I was supported in my endeavours by the University of Bristol Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship.

Bristol provided me with the necessary foundation in enabling me to achieve the Graduate Basis for Registration (GBR) via the Bristol course. My MEd is recognized by the British Psychological Society as the entry qualification to a professional training course such as the MSc in Educational Psychology that I then went on to read at Sheffield University. Besides, it consolidated my theoretical background in current psychological theory and understanding of learning disabilities for my professional practice in the future. I am now an educational psychologist in the School Development Division of the Special Education Section of the HK SAR Education and Manpower Bureau, and so have been able to reach my dream of serving children with special needs (SEN) in Hong Kong.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the help and encouragement from my sponsors in Hong Kong.