2006 – Marco Cheung Kin Hei

MSc in Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Reaching for the blue sky and having my dream come true both happened for me in Bristol. Can you imagine how rewarding it felt to have the honor to take part in an Airbus project? Thanks to the Hong Kong Bristol Alumni Scholarship, I had an opportunity to experience this wonderful year, one of the most important years of my life.

The University of Bristol plays a key role in the aviation industry. Many impossible projects were made possible in Bristol. The famous Concorde supersonic airliner is one of the many examples. During my year of study, I had a chance to work with the smartest and most experienced people in the aviation field. I am indebted to my supervisor and colleagues, whose experience, stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped me through all the challenges. In addition to gaining aircraft technical knowledge in the classroom, I even had a ‘hands-on’ experience and flew a glider! Bristol is far beyond your imagination.

Bristol is simply lovely. A modern society is embedded in the historical city. Every corner of the city is made of history, yet it is so energetic. In Bristol, the multicultural living environment enables you to get in touch with people from any corner of the world. Hiking with friends in the Lake-district, enjoying a football night in an historic public house, over-night chatting at the river side, star watching sitting on the grass… all these snapshots construct my memory of Bristol. I am so glad I spent a year in Bristol, fruitful not just professionally but also personally with so many new and wonderful experiences and people. There is no doubt that the chance of studying there has created lifelong precious memories. Such memories should be experienced at least once in a life time and will last forever.

I have returned to Hong Kong and am now working in HAECO, an aircraft maintenance company in Hong Kong. Although my daily work is not directly related to my research topic, the year in Bristol certainly enriched my knowledge of aerospace engineering and further strengthened my interest to work in the field of aeronautical engineering. It’s my passion to work with airplanes and a dream come true.