2009 – Kenneth Ng King-tsun

MSc in International Development

There are times in life when you experience meaningful changes or positive turning points, be they big or small, and you come back a new person. I would say, a year abroad in Bristol has been a lifetime’s defining experience for me.

Development is not merely an issue about the third world. The meaning attached varies across countries, and this is where exactly the issue is worth rethinking. There has been a long time debate on the definition and the model, if any, of development. By the time I was fortunate enough to be granted scholarship by the University of Bristol Convocation Hong Kong Branch, I had worked for several years as a news reporter and had eventually become more attracted to the twists and turns in politics, social and international affairs. I am proud of having made the decision of returning to academia and quested for a better understanding of the complexities in our rapidly changing world.

The time I spent in Bristol has been rewarding. I had an opportunity to learn from and with the brightest people I have ever known. A year without the demands of a job gave me the respite to explore and appreciate everything Bristol has to offer. I was making great friends from all around the world, diving into new cultures, taking stimulating seminars, exploring diverse knowledge and enjoying the weekend sunshine and cider as much as other Bristolians. What I miss most are the good times in England and the great opportunities to travel around Europe that studying in England allows me, which I shall say is a once-a-lifetime luxury.