2016 – Chiu Ho-ching

MSc Neuropsychology

It is said that the human brain is possibly the most complex structure in the universe. Our emotion, sense, perception, consciousness and intelligence all reside in this mysterious myriad of neuron connections. The mechanisms underlie human mental activities are without doubt fascinating. Thanks to the Bristol University Alumni Association Scholarship, I had a thrilling opportunity to get my way one step closer to the mystery in a vibrant, international and pleasant environment.

My year of studying in Bristol was fruitful. What has impressed me most was the degree of cultural diversity in the university. There were students from all around the globe and their active engagement in the coursework was stimulating. Students also got opportunities to learn cutting-edge research techniques from world-leading researchers and the experience was invaluable.

Life in Bristol was also enjoyable beyond study. I have joined in orienteering team of the university and had regular training with my teammates. (Orienteering is a sports that competitors navigate themselves through a unfamiliar terrain using only a map and a compass, and compete for a shorter time. See a sample map.) We have competed in regional and national races, and sometimes we had weekends away for training in different regions in the UK as far as to the Lake District. I would never forget the tough but pleasurable time running in the forest with my friends.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to express once again my gratitude to the Bristol University Alumni Association for their support and encouragement. I shall carry what I have obtained during the year in Bristol and continue to strive to become a world-leading researcher in human brain and mind.