2014 – Irene Law Ho-yan

The recipient of Bristol University Hong Kong Postgraduate Scholarship 2014, Ms. Irene Law, will be joining the MA in Music programme at the University of Bristol in October 2014. Irene is now a school music teacher; she has a strong dedication with a proven record of success in the areas of performing art, art administration and music education in Hong Kong and abroad. To find out more about her, please read her personal statement.

2014 – Law Ho Yan, Irene
M.A. in Music

I am honoured to be the recipient of the University of Bristol Alumni Association, Hong Kong Branch Scholarship 2014-15. I look forward to creating a positive impact upon the music community by inspiring my counterparts, and working together to nurture the talent of the more exceptional music students who may then inspire future generations, making the local music community strong and vibrant.

I feel very fortunate to have been nurtured in a supportive and caring family, which discovered my passion for music. At the age of 3, I started to play piano and it was a turning point in my life. Throughout my secondary school life, I was the pianist for the school choir. I have been exposed to many aspects of music extensively through music appreciation and individual coaching from my family and schools. This laid the foundation for my career in performance and music education.

I graduated from the Department of Music at the Hong Kong Baptist University with a BA (Hons) in Music. I also have a Diploma in Piano Performing from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, and a Licentiate Diploma in Solo Piano Recital from Trinity College London.

I started my career in the marketing team of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Later on, I decided to devote myself to teaching as a more meaningful way of expressing my commitment to music. I studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, majoring in Music. Currently, I am serving on the music Panel in a secondary school and am the conductor in its music teams. I have had other music education experiences in various organizations such as the Hong Kong Children’s Choir and the Music Office of the SAR government. I also had a fruitful internship experience in RTHK Radio 4 in my university days. As a music educator, I have developed a passion for promoting classical music to students. I genuinely enjoy giving people the opportunity to be part of the music world and try to share my knowledge and performance experiences wherever possible. Despite encountering several challenges along the way, the process has been a great learning experience and has fueled my passion to receive further professional training.

Over the last two years, I travelled to Europe in summer breaks for various master classes. Through public classes, intensive training, rehearsals and performances, I was motivated continuously. Also, many ideas and insights have been exchanged with peers. For years I have eagerly awaited the opportunity to spend more time with the maestros and the chance has finally come. Spending a year in Bristol will definitely fulfill my dream and give me many chances to participate in renowned musical events in Europe.

Being a student in Bristol will enable me to enrich my musical knowledge and skills, especially in practical piano learning and teaching experiences, my area of expertise. With enhanced credentials, I will return with a broader perspective on music performance and be able to apply my advanced knowledge to analyse problems that Hong Kong students commonly encounter in learning music and piano. Also, in relation to general music education, I hope to encourage reflection on local music education and learning modes by sharing my experiences in Bristol.