2018 – CHOW Nga Yin Renee

[2018-19 University Bristol Hong Kong Scholar]

– Ms. CHOW Nga Yin Renee

We are delighted to select an excellent candidate for the University of Bristol Hong Kong Alumni Association Postgraduate Scholarship 2018-19. Her name is CHOW Nga Yin Renee, who has been granted an unconditional offer for experimental Psychology (Conversion) at the University of Bristol, UK in 2018-2019. Renee graduated from CUHK Nursing school in 2016, she is a young registered nurse with a strong aspiration and commitment towards community healthcare. The scholarship panel unanimously agreed to offer her the scholarship this year.

Renee commenced her study at Bristol in October, and she has written to us sharing her early Bristolian experience!

“If you were to ask me a year ago where I would be today, I probably would not have imagined sitting next to the harbourside and telling you about my experience in Bristol. Because of the Hong Kong Bristol Alumni Scholarship, I dared to dream.

I am studying for a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology (Conversion) at the University of Bristol. It aims at building a solid foundation of knowledge in psychological science for people from non-psychology background like me. Though the first month was challenging, I found the training in critical thinking and research skills truly rewarding. Surrounded by like-minded people, we supported each other and reminded ourselves how much we wanted to contribute in the field of psychology and mental health afterwards. And the diversity of my classmates was what made group projects so much fun. Besides, the school offered a lot of academic support. We could ask questions after lectures, through online forum or simply dropped by the lecturers’ offices. Our tutors were very friendly, and they even prepared a science café session from time to time, encouraging us to have face- to- face conversation with them. One of the most amazing things about the university was the student laptop and mobile clinic. Last week the IT staff in the clinic spent one hour to install a software related to my study for me. There were many activities and events going on in the university, not to mention countless volunteering opportunities with different communities.

It has only been three weeks since I arrived here but I have already fallen in love with Bristol. I enjoyed exploring the city on foot. It gave me a peace of mind when sunbathing in Brandon Hill and watching the colourful hot air balloon floating in the sky. Bristol had its vibrant cultural side as well. It was not difficult to find thought-provoking street arts pieces on the city’s walls, teenagers on skating boards around and live music shows in pubs. There are many new experiences awaiting me and I am looking forward to seeing what is coming next.”