2018 – CHOW Nga Yin Renee

[2018-19 University Bristol Hong Kong Scholar]

– Ms. CHOW Nga Yin Renee

We are delighted to select an excellent candidate for the University of Bristol Hong Kong Alumni Association Postgraduate Scholarship 2018-19. Her name is CHOW Nga Yin Renee, who has been granted an unconditional offer for experimental Psychology (Conversion) at the University of Bristol, UK in 2018-2019. Renee graduated from CUHK Nursing school in 2016, she is a young registered nurse with a strong aspiration and commitment towards community healthcare. The scholarship panel unanimously agreed to offer her the scholarship this year.

Renee commenced her study at Bristol in October, and she has written to us sharing her early Bristolian experience!

“If you were to ask me a year ago where I would be today, I probably would not have imagined sitting next to the harbourside and telling you about my experience in Bristol. Because of the Hong Kong Bristol Alumni Scholarship, I dared to dream.

I am studying for a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology (Conversion) at the University of Bristol. It aims at building a solid foundation of knowledge in psychological science for people from non-psychology background like me. Though the first month was challenging, I found the training in critical thinking and research skills truly rewarding. Surrounded by like-minded people, we supported each other and reminded ourselves how much we wanted to contribute in the field of psychology and mental health afterwards. And the diversity of my classmates was what made group projects so much fun. Besides, the school offered a lot of academic support. We could ask questions after lectures, through online forum or simply dropped by the lecturers’ offices. Our tutors were very friendly, and they even prepared a science café session from time to time, encouraging us to have face- to- face conversation with them. One of the most amazing things about the university was the student laptop and mobile clinic. Last week the IT staff in the clinic spent one hour to install a software related to my study for me. There were many activities and events going on in the university, not to mention countless volunteering opportunities with different communities.

It has only been three weeks since I arrived here but I have already fallen in love with Bristol. I enjoyed exploring the city on foot. It gave me a peace of mind when sunbathing in Brandon Hill and watching the colourful hot air balloon floating in the sky. Bristol had its vibrant cultural side as well. It was not difficult to find thought-provoking street arts pieces on the city’s walls, teenagers on skating boards around and live music shows in pubs. There are many new experiences awaiting me and I am looking forward to seeing what is coming next.”

2017 – Alfred Lam Chun Wang

2017 Bristol Hong Kong Scholar

Alfred Lam Chun Wang

Our current scholar, Alfred Lam, has written to us sharing his life and study at Bristol.

MSc Finance and Investment

The United Kingdom is one of the frontrunners in FinTech sector. As a FinTech enthusiast, the University of Bristol is the best choice for me to pursue my postgraduate degree in Finance and Investment because Bristol is the home of many FinTech firms in the United Kingdom. Besides, the University has been offering various networking opportunities with current practitioners since our first week at Bristol. I truly feel that Bristol is a city full of opportunities and I am blessed to be surrounded by lots of talents from across different disciplines.

Apart from developing algorithms and conducting researches, my first two weeks at Bristol have already been so rewarding as I met so many inspiring friends from different countries. I look forward to beginning my adventures with my new friends here in the best city to live in the United Kingdom.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the committee of University of Bristol Alumni Association, Hong Kong Branch for their kind support and encouragement. I hope to contribute to Hong Kong with the education and insights in FinTech which I obtained from Bristol after my return.

1997 – Miss Bonnie CHIU Lai-yu

With the help of the Alumni Scholarship, I studied for a Master of Arts in Legal Studies at Bristol from 1997-99. It definitely was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I acquire a basic knowledge of

It definitely was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I acquire a basic knowledge of law, but also I was exposed to a different and diversified culture. Pubbing, clubbing, over-night chatting with friends from all over the world, strawberry-picking, mooting in classes etc. were all unforgettable experiences that enriched my life. Analysing things from different aspects is very important to a journalist.

After studying law, I can examine news issues from both journalistic and legal perspectives, making my reporting more thorough. Thank you so much for offering me this chance and I will continue to serve our community by being a devoted journalist.

1999 – Mr Yik-man Andrew Marcus CHAN


In 1999, I was granted the University of Bristol Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship. Thanks to help from the Hong Kong Convocation, I was able to spend a year in the University of Bristol pursuing my master’s level course in Computer Science.

I am working now as a system analyst in a US software development company based in Hong Kong. A year in Bristol not only upgraded and prepared my knowledge for my present job, I could also meet many good friends from Holland, Germany, France, Greece, Sri Lanka, India, Japan and of course the UK, developing a lifelong friendship with them. In addition, I volunteered in community services provided by a local church when I was free. That experience was invaluable to me in understanding and appreciating western culture and living.

Hong Kong is an international city and China is now a member of the WTO. The contribution of people with good knowledge of different cultures will become more and more important. I am, therefore, confident that I am well prepared for future challenges in Hong Kong thanks to my experiences in Bristol.

I am so thankful for the support from the Hong Kong Convocation!

2000 – Miss Veronica TONG Chi-fun

The idea of one day becoming an educational psychologist seemed like a very exotic and fanciful dream.  Now I have received my initial training as an educational psychologist, by studying for an MEd in Psychology at Bristol University. I was supported in my endeavours by the University of Bristol Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship.

Bristol provided me with the necessary foundation in enabling me to achieve the Graduate Basis for Registration (GBR) via the Bristol course. My MEd is recognized by the British Psychological Society as the entry qualification to a professional training course such as the MSc in Educational Psychology that I then went on to read at Sheffield University. Besides, it consolidated my theoretical background in current psychological theory and understanding of learning disabilities for my professional practice in the future. I am now an educational psychologist in the School Development Division of the Special Education Section of the HK SAR Education and Manpower Bureau, and so have been able to reach my dream of serving children with special needs (SEN) in Hong Kong.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the help and encouragement from my sponsors in Hong Kong.

2001 – Miss Angela WONG Yee-tak

On my registration day, a young, energetic man walked into our lecture theatre. He was in his mid-thirties, dressed very casually. He swiftly unloaded his boxes of materials on the table and started to address all of us, “Welcome to this MSc programme…” I, among many others, was very surprised when I realized he was the course director! I must say I was impressed by the friendliness shown by the teaching staff and the department. I was pleased to be able to learn in such a friendly and relaxed environment and am sure that this helped a great deal in my course of study.

The diversity in student life offered at Bristol is also worth a mention. Students are from all parts of the world, and this blend of international students enabled me to have a more international outlook and was helpful in my pursuit of studies in international relations. I’m lucky to have been able to do my MSc here in Bristol-where the university is basically located in the city centre-it is a lovely place to be, indeed. There’s much more to it than just student life. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Hong Kong Convocation for their sponsorship that made my study here possible.

2003 – Miss Anna CHAN

My name is Anna, the recipient of the scholarship from Hong Kong Branch of Convocation during 2003-04. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the donors of the scholarship and all the hard work contributed by the committee of Hong Kong Branch of Convocation.

This scholarship enabled me to pursue my dream of studying for a masters degree overseas. I successfully completed my masters degree in Economics, Finance and Management with a commendation grade, and I am currently working as a research executive at the Social Sciences Research Centre of the University of Hong Kong.

The time I spent in Bristol was a fruitful year. The quality of education at the University of Bristol, British culture and the people I met really impressed me. It was very challenging and beneficial to study with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The interaction did much to help me form new ideas and to enhance my communication skills. I also acquired greater understanding of their traditions and the economic situation in their home countries. Being an international student, I never felt lonely as I had made a lot of friends from different countries and this was not only exciting on a social level, but could also lead to important overseas contacts in later professional life, as we still keep in touch with each other.

Apart from study, there were also exciting opportunities for international students. The host family link provides an invaluable opportunity for international students to spend their holidays in local families’ homes. At Christmas 2003, I spent a few days living with a British family in Burton. This visit allowed me to experience a traditional British Christmas and understand more about British lifestyle and cuisine, etc. I was able to discuss some current issues with my host family and gain appreciation of their attitudes and opinions. I could also share my own customs and opinions with them, and answer some of their questions about Asian countries.

In today’s climate of economic globalization, I believe, this international exposure and the knowledge I gained will enhance my personal development, benefit my career and hence, allow me to contribute to Hong Kong.


2005 – Miss Phyllis TSANG

MSc in International Relations

When I had the good fortune to receive the scholarship I had been working as a reporter for the Ming Pao newspaper for seven years. I had become increasingly interested in the social and political news and routinely covered issues like the right of abode, human rights, Article 23 and those sorts of topics. I felt passionate about constitutional development and democracy in Hong Kong and was active in the Hong Kong Journalists Association. By 2003 the time was right to take a sabbatical to reflect on my experiences and to learn more about the issues for which I cared so much in a wider, international context. Studying abroad seemed to give me the chance to learn more about my topic, more about the world and more about myself. Bristol certainly gave me the chance to do all of that; the house I lived in was a United Nations in itself with graduate students from Kenya, Norway, Greece and Taiwan. I loved the city and all its facilities and the fact that everything was so much more affordable than it would have been in London. Movies, a nationally renowned theatre company, the cafes and restaurants by the harbour and so many things in walking distance of each other. The historical side of the city was also very appealing to me, just strolling around was a pleasure enjoying the old buildings – much better than the modern stuff! I even chose to write my thesis in the Wills Memorial Library because its traditional character created such a scholarly environment to work in. Now I am back in Hong Kong and these days am a senior reporter on the South China Morning Post news desk – still fascinated by the world around me and with wonderful memories of my year in Bristol.

2006 – Marco Cheung Kin Hei

MSc in Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Reaching for the blue sky and having my dream come true both happened for me in Bristol. Can you imagine how rewarding it felt to have the honor to take part in an Airbus project? Thanks to the Hong Kong Bristol Alumni Scholarship, I had an opportunity to experience this wonderful year, one of the most important years of my life.

The University of Bristol plays a key role in the aviation industry. Many impossible projects were made possible in Bristol. The famous Concorde supersonic airliner is one of the many examples. During my year of study, I had a chance to work with the smartest and most experienced people in the aviation field. I am indebted to my supervisor and colleagues, whose experience, stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped me through all the challenges. In addition to gaining aircraft technical knowledge in the classroom, I even had a ‘hands-on’ experience and flew a glider! Bristol is far beyond your imagination.

Bristol is simply lovely. A modern society is embedded in the historical city. Every corner of the city is made of history, yet it is so energetic. In Bristol, the multicultural living environment enables you to get in touch with people from any corner of the world. Hiking with friends in the Lake-district, enjoying a football night in an historic public house, over-night chatting at the river side, star watching sitting on the grass… all these snapshots construct my memory of Bristol. I am so glad I spent a year in Bristol, fruitful not just professionally but also personally with so many new and wonderful experiences and people. There is no doubt that the chance of studying there has created lifelong precious memories. Such memories should be experienced at least once in a life time and will last forever.

I have returned to Hong Kong and am now working in HAECO, an aircraft maintenance company in Hong Kong. Although my daily work is not directly related to my research topic, the year in Bristol certainly enriched my knowledge of aerospace engineering and further strengthened my interest to work in the field of aeronautical engineering. It’s my passion to work with airplanes and a dream come true.

2007 – Raymond Hau-yin YUEN

I had a very good learning experience at Bristol University. A systematic, task-based training from the School of Public Policy not only enriched my knowledge of the subject but also equipped me with a problem-solving perspective; it has enabled me to think about social problems from various standpoints. The programme is outstanding with a well-organized curriculum and a group of renowned scholars in the field. My classmates were brilliant, some of them senior officers of the national governments of their own countries.

Life beyond study at Bristol is fascinating. It is a lovely city with a peaceful environment and friendly people. There is a harmony between urban development and the natural landscape and cultural diversity beneath the metropolitan dynamics; it is an ideal place for a student to concentrate on study while simultaneously enjoying a relaxing life. I was staying in accommodation run by the Methodist church on a non-profit basis. The residents there were postgraduate students who came from all over the world; this was a community of love and friendship; we were close to each other and there was a warm atmosphere of mutual understanding and support. I will never forget the time we shared and enjoyed in the little white house. The Bristol experience has not only broadened my horizon but also nourished my mind with genuine friendships from various parts of the planet.

Studying at Bristol opened a window for me to pursue advanced studies and I am now working on my PhD at the Department of Government and Public Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am sure that I made a correct decision and I am thankful for all the joy and happiness around me during one of the most wonderful years of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude once again to the Bristol University Convocation (Hong Kong Branch) for their sponsorship and encouragement.

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